About the Company

Albany Bancorp, Inc. of Albany Kentucky is a bank holding company formed in January 1993. Presently the corporation owns First & Farmers National Bank. The company operates 12 banking locations in Pulaski, Adair, Cumberland and Clinton Counties. The corporate colors are red, white, and blue as in the colors of the American flag, and the corporate logo is the soaring bald eagle.

First & Farmers National Bank is a community bank that was established in February 2008 when the First & Farmers Bank locations in Somerset, Albany, Burnside, and Nancy and the First National Bank of Columbia, including Burkesville's Bank of Cumberland, consolidated banking operations. The bank currently employs approximately 145 people and ended the year 2018 with total assets of $510,867,000.

Today's First & Farmers National Bank can trace its history to Citizens Bank of Albany located in Albany, Kentucky dating back to 1898; First National Bank of Columbia located in Columbia, Kentucky dating back to 1903; Bank of Cumberland located in Burkesville, Kentucky dating back to 1889; and First & Farmers Bank located in Somerset, Kentucky dating back to 1818.

Our many years of operation in Pulaski, Clinton, Adair and Cumberland counties, along with a network of locations and ATMS, allow us to service our communities and customers in a prompt and efficient manner with the most modern, convenient, and progressive services available. We are very proud of our long history as a well respected, sound and profitable bank.

Officers & Directors
Pete Mahurin, Chairman
Lester Key, Vice Chairman
Steve U. Morgan, President
John Prather, Jr., Director
Douglas Sapp, Director
Autumn Upchurch, VP/Chief Financial Officer
Kim Phelps, Secretary