Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be recognized as the best group of banks in south central Kentucky.  We are committed to operating strong, sound banks through local management and accountable to meeting the needs of our stockholders, customers, employees, and community.


We are accountable to our stockholders to maximize the value of their investments and to outperform our peers.


We are accountable to our customers to provide an exceptional level of service, competitively priced products and services in an atmosphere where the customer feels valued, and sound banking practices through conservative lending and investment principles.


We are accountable to our employees to provide a work environment that motivates them to reach their full potential, and that fosters teamwork, promotes satisfaction, and rewards performance.


We are accountable to our community to maintain our image as a professional and ethical leader, to enhance the quality of life by promoting economic and cultural growth through corporate support and employee participation, and to demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship by our continued commitment to charitable and civic projects.